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Portrait of  Stanza

Welcome to my website, its my gallery, its also my studio. Its a place to engage in my work, my ideas and experience my art.

My mediums on this website include netart, paintings, videos, installations, software systems and public artworks. I have tried to arrange these areas into groups so you can have a look around easily. However the site is now so big you will probably get lost; so just enjoy what you find.

Installations: Under each square in this area is a project realized as an installation. These works have now become quite complex systems, but essentially they utilize gallery spaces in different ways. My installations are often floor based, they grow and sprawl, connecting things and linking ideas to push in a direction of my choosing. I like making these sorts of works as it enables me to scale up ideas and involve a larger presence and physicality in the real world.

Public Art: Under each square is a project realized as an outdoor experience or artwork. In the same way as the installation sprawl inside, these do the same outside. They are explorations in public space. I use this space like a studio, its just a larger area to work with. For example networking trees together as sound sculptures or making graffiti based artwork across a city.

Net Art: Under each square is a unique artwork that only exists on the internet. They are specifically made to explore various aspects of network based cultures, often connecting data sets, real time images and re mediating internet search terms. I make these works oddly because they don't cost a lot of money to make. This is something I have always done IE find a way to work, Netart has enabled this. These works are mostly generative but also offer some levels of interactive interactive response. Although they can be viewed on large screen and have been exhibited on many museums they are here online for you.

Paintings: This area also contains a different folio of work under each one of the squares. These works act as systems of containment for the tensions I like to create my work around. Some of these images are now direct outputs of the software systems and relate back into the other areas of the site. These bodies or work go back to the 1980's and I have been developing these works alongside all my other outputs since this time.

Generative: This work is formally different in that that my objective has always been to extend the notion of what painting is. Using computer code various paradigms emerge that allows me to shape and construct the visual aesthetic. I am not so much interested in the code as the manipulation of form. Under each square is a separate work or inquiry. This work has all moved off my main site and has a dedicated video channel called Amorphoscapes see here.

I welcome inquiries.

Portrait Stanza 2015. With data paintings of maps.

Portrait of Stanza. Hi res available.