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Maria Chatzichristodoulou: In Search of a Digital Masterpiece (or Two): Read as PDF

Charlie Gere: Stanza’s Object-Oriented Aesthetics. Read as PDF

Dr David Barnard-Wills: An artist’s engagement with surveillance, privacy, technology and control. Read as PDF

Beryl Graham: Data, People, Art, Stanza. Read as PDF

Graham Harman: Philosophical Issues in the Art of Stanza: Read as PDF

Stanza: The Emergent City: 2004 – 2012 . Read as PDF

Stanza: Interview: Leonardo. Read as PDF

Stanza: Essay for NEC 2002 . Read as PDF

Stanza: Congergence 2002. Read as PDF



Stanza, data visualisation

Portrait of the artist Stanza. Hi res available.

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