Stanza. Steve Tanza artwork.

Toxicity. Driven Breathless. 2019

Artwork eco visualisation. Custom electronic system scanning pollution data feeds with a machine learning system built in to represent the agency of the invisble city. In this case made to look like traffic in a city.

This artwork represents the monitored landscape, the noise of the invisible virtual and connected space in which we are all enmeshed. This digital artwork monitors discrete data packages to create a visual response inside the electronic artwork. The aesthetic experience facilitates a new understanding of the networked data space and the surrounding landscape of data, information, and stacked systems.

The artwork questions the reality of how we are polluting our cities and our environment. As we increasingly pollute the air with our behaviors, other systems and networks become evident. This artwork uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to create a landscape governed by AI. The cities we inhabit disclose our behaviour in these systems.

Either wall based or exhibited on the floor as a pair. There are now two each size 120 cm by 100 cm.


Heinz Nixforf Museum. Paderborn. Germany 2023
Museum Of the Future. Enschede. Netherlands 2022
La Filature, Scene Nationale. Mulhouse. France 2021
Jarvenpaa Art Museum. Finland 2021
Museum Of Cyptography. Moscow. Russia 2021

Stanza. Steve Tanza artwork.


Stanza. Steve Tanza artwork.