Stanza artwork. Picture is UK artist Stanza.

Title. Fortuna: The Age Of Chance And Circumstance

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This is an online artwork using images from across the city, representing the universal struggle for change. The online work presents random locations of empty spaces from across the city presented onto the large virtual "data" globe. The location you see here is Bold Street, Liverpool. The street was known as the Bond Street of the North. It was in the past a toll road. The working classes would go to work under the road in tunnels and enter via back doors of the expensive shops; never to be seen by the rich, thus kept separate. In the artwork we see Stanza pushing the data ball up the incline of the street making a parallel link to the the Greek myth Sisyphus. The artwork updates continually to create a visualisation linking hundreds of derelict sites in the city. By doing this the artist seek to question the authenticity and implied possibility of real change.

Bold Street was originally laid out as a ropewalk; a long thin area of land used in the manufacture of rope (the area is now known as 'Rope Walks'). They used to measure the rope from the top of Bold Street to the bottom because it was the standard length needed for sailing ships. The city has a new "Bond Street" the L1 area. It is a cathedral of commerce separate from the issues that exist everywhere else in the city. This "new" area is now leased to the city as some sort of giant shopping playground. In Greek mythology Sisyphus was a king punished by being compelled to roll an immense boulder up a hill, only to watch it roll back down, and to repeat this throughout eternity.

Exhibition. This digital artwork can be exhibited in a gallery by being projected. First made in Liverpool thanks to Mike Stubbs and curatorial team at FACT.


Fortuna moving image artwork. Is available in a signed edition of 3. Which includes an offline version of the artwork above, the data globe visualization and the software system.

The image above is available as a unique 120 cm by 90 cm C print Titled "To The End Of Time"


"Stanzas work for Liverpool was a playful provocation and re-invention of Ropewalks Square in front of FACT, in effect, ‘reclaiming the streets’ through a fascination with data aesthetics in its purest form as information. Linking these interests is a strong personal motivation to reveal structure driven through a strong sense of social justice reflecting working class roots, ‘re-claiming the streets’." Mike Stubbs, Director of FACT

Stanza artwork. Picture is UK artist Stanza.

Stanza artwork. Picture is UK artist Stanza.

Stanza artwork. Picture is UK artist Stanza.

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