stanza nanocities. Stanza artwork Installtion

Image above shows installation shot of Nanocities in Austin Texas 2009.

Title. "Nanocities". Artwork by Stanza. 2006

"Nanocities" creates paintings actioned by the interpretation of the code. Small scale events and objects have affects within the system. These code structures create patterns on the nano scale making thesepaintings. They can be exhibited like the above image as a series of projections. Or you can exhibit my touch screen systems to create an interactive gallery experience.

"They form part of Stanza’s Amorphoscapes series (which Stanza has been working on since 1997). Unlike existing web-based incarnations, these are limited-edition touch-screens which better demonstrate Stanza’s uncompromising ability to craft technology. These works are exquisitely executed. Aesthetically and technologically they are flawless, standing out vividly against a backdrop of new media art which can be clunky and ill-defined. Even to the untrained eye, or those uninitiated in new media arts, Stanza’s skills and outputs as an artist working with electronic technologies are apparent." Charlotte Frost

Available. As signed software suite which contains all the 20 artworks built in.


Artworks are all online to view click here. You need the shockwave plug- in to view them or see videos below.




© Stanza 2006