stanza Goodison Park

stanza Goodison Park. EVERTON

stanza Goodison Park. EVERTON


Visual regeneration with the mind. By Stanza

The idea is to create a happening using a public space. The Mind Over Matter Interventions uses space and time at a football match for a publically engaged art intervention.


For fifteen min's the crowd stand focused on one thought together. The mind becomes a public domain space for an intervention; and an artwork using this space. This project focuses on a collective entity by creating a visualisation for a common good to empower the space around us. In this case the city.

the idea is to engage a spirit of independence and global connectivity to leverage a future vision.The crowd is merged into a collective agency by creating a mind map through linking the audience.Through a visualisation oro action we can change events and behaviour (not just through laws or education). By using the time and space that is around us the idea is to utilise this for a collective agency that manifests iteslf with an output for change and cultural collective agency.

One way to do this would to link the heartbeats of the crowd another would be to creat a text piece in the catalogue thats played over the loud speaker.

Concepts of Time

How we spend our hours is our choice and our greatest freedom. The equivalent of 60000 man hours passes at a football match ....nearly one years of someone's life. As I kid I used to come here to Goodison Park and stand on the terraces. I have been thinking about this project for twenty years. When we stand together and share this space the only thing we have in common is that we all spend the same amount of time....and this is our most prized asset. The distribution of time over our lives is our basic freedom and above all its what we have in common....life is just how we choose to spend these hours.

Liverpool city is is a heart beating with strength. The heartbeat of the city. During this fifteen of half time minuntes....40.000 people will have more than 6,000,000 million heartbeats together. The purpose of the visualization is to project outwards like a meme or an advert that Liverpool is a friendly, honest and out ward looking city that has moved out of the shadows.

For fifteen min's we stand focused on one thought together. (8544 hours ie nearly one year.) though this visualisation.

Time and motion.

40000 men at half time for 15 mins stand there. This is 10000 man hours.

40000 men for a 90 minutes match. This is 60000 man hours.

24 times 356 = 8544 ie nearly one year.

24 hours a day. 356 days times 70 Years= lifetime hours of one man = 598080 = we all nearly have 600000 hours in our lifetimes.

During a football match one life evaporates.

On the 11.11.2010 at Goodison Park the Crowd stood silent to reflect.

stanza Goodison Park.EVERTON

stanza Goodison Park



Liverpool city in flux, in transition, its a melting pots that's receptive that lives on its toes. Liverpool was the second city of empire, it has more statues than Florence, its a place that sees itself moving outwards.


The people have sense of agency----- people who can oppose systems-----free and uninhibited----- they are protective ----- live in a melting pot of mixed social composition-------- strong independent minds ------ prepared to challenge.


'Positive step' 31 July 2013 Last updated at 08:00 Liverpool Football Club staff have been issued with a guide to unacceptable language so they can help eradicate verbal abuse from fans. Social inclusion officer Rishi Jain said the club had been "actively engaged in an education and awareness programme". Liverpool Football Club staff have been issued with a guide to unacceptable language so they can help eradicate verbal abuse from fans. The handbook highlights "offensive" phrases including "don't be a woman", "play like a girl" and "that's gay". The club said they wanted to stamp out slurs against race, religion, sexual orientation, gender and disability. ref ( link)

Contact me if your interested in commissioning and developing this for a location.

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