Exhibition: You Are My Subjects. 2004

Information:-This digital networked artwork uses live real time images from a surveillance camera in New York City. Someone is always watching you in a world of total surveillance culture. This artwork deals with the aesthetics of surveillance, the voyeuristic implication of the watchers,  as well as who controls the data and has access to the data. "You Are My Subjects", turns real time surveillance images into a publically engaged open network artwork. The "subjects" in this case are the city dwellers and street walkers made visable to global audience via the internet which acts as a gallery to display the work . You are My Subjects is an artwork by Stanza.

This artwork is available for exhibition as an installation in a gallery. "You Are My Subjects" uses data from a single fixed camera in New York, focusing on subjects as they pass below it. The work can be viewed in a web browser via the internet. The artwork turns us all into voyeurs of eerie 'parallel realities'. What you see are real time shifting paintings.

Context:- Millions of hours of CCTV surveillance information are watched in private closed off networks. Surveillance and CCTV systems are everywhere in the public domain. Millions of hours worth of data are recorded every day by these cameras. We are all unwitting bit part actors, in the filming of our own lives. Usually we cannot watch. The results are not collected for broadcast back to the public. Rather they are monitored, filtered, distributed and archived without our knowledge or permission. The city has millions of CCTV cameras and the city can now be imagined as the biggest TV station in existence. - Stanza 2004

Online Version Click Here. Note: You Need Shockwave Installed.

Ammendment 2010. This artwork worked in real time from 2004 to 2010. After which the single camera feed stopped working. This artwork is now a simulation of the real time experience using a series of back up images and is the feed comes from a proxy server instead.

Abuse of the Public Domain, Exhibition.

HTTP gallery Furtherfield London presents Abuse of the Public Domain, a solo show of networked media art by Stanza. January 2006. This exhibition features two large video projections, which use live real-time data from surveillance cameras sited in two cities, London and New York. Security tracking data is Stanza's chosen medium for these process-led artworks. HTTP [House of Technologically Termed Praxis] is one of London's foremost galleries dedicated to showing net art, new media and sound art.


HTTP gallery Furtherfield. 2006
SXSW Austin Palmer Event Centre. Texas USA. 2006
Test Portal Gallery Amsterdam Holland.
South Hill Park, Bracknell. UK 2005
Watershed Media Centre UK 2004

Surveillance based art

Title. The World Is Watching You. Size 120cm by 120cm printed canvas. Artwork signed by Stanza.

Surveillance artTitle. The Climate Of Fear . Size 120cm by 120cm printed canvas 2004. Artwork signed by Stanza.

Surveillance art ,Stanza



stanza portrait at HTTP gallerystanza artworkstanza artworkstanza artwork stanza portrait at HTTP gallery

You are My Subjects is an artwork by Stanza. Copyright artworks and all images (C) Stanza 2005

Artwork signed by Stanza. Surveillance based art

Title. You Are Not Important In The Big Picture . Size 120 by 90 m (2004) C Print. Artwork signed by Stanza.

Artwork signed by Stanza.

Title. Subjects Of Space . Size 200 by 190 m (2004) C Print. Artwork signed by Stanza. Made using custom made software system.

Stanza Artwork by Stanza. You Are My Subjects. Networked art using live CCTV, to represent the indivusal in city space.

Title. The Subjects Of Time . Size 200 by 190 m (2004) C Print. Artwork signed by Stanza. Made using custom made software system.

Stanza , surveillanc culture, art

Keywords: Surveillance, art, voyeurs, networked.