A real time web artifact Made in 2004

This digital artwork work turns the notion of surveillance upside down, since in this work we are all watching everybody. It also turns us all in voyeurs and creates an insight into the imagery and happenings that exist in various 'parallel realities'.

This artwork is being updated from webcams around the globe in real time. The artwork is transformed in real time. This custom made sofware interpret a global surveillance space using networked real time "data". There are several works in this series including, The Global world view, Madrid, London , and New York and for gallery they should be exhibited on three screens. This artwork is available for exhibition at galleries and media events.

'Globals....Never the same again always different....Forever', uses surveillance cameras and webcams which offer readily available sources of continuous visual data from our environment and world cities. This work is not a film it is not recorded and is always different. The data is opened out to a global online network of observers. It becomes an online global repositioned world view unfolding in real time. If many computers all link to this work then this looks interesting as all the images on the screens will be different. Global is one of many works I have made recently about real time data in networks and cities and about the ownership of these image rights.

Surveillance systems are everywhere in the public domain. We are all actors, bit part actors, in a giant movie called life. Except we cannot watch, it is not on public display and the results are monitored, filtered and distributed without our permission. The city also has millions of CCTV. In essence the city is the biggest TV station in existence. Millions of hours worth of data are recorded every day by these cameras on city TV. One can take the sounds and images off live web streams and re-represent them thus creating new interpretations of the city in the process. Using data from cctv, you can bring the outside inside. Selected feeds are collected from around the world in real time. These real time images are fed into a software system where a series of specialised channels rework these images. The channels are always on, and always changing, a constant view of the world changing and evolving around the clock. This uses specially created software and technology to randomly engage the cameras.

Selected exhibitions of this artwork include:

  • Viper in Basel Switzerland, 2004
  • The Samsung Media Centre in Korea as part of Senef 2004
  • NYC at Postmasters, 2004
  • The Dana Centre, London. 2004
  • The Watershed Media Centre Bristol 2004
  • Plutopia SXSW Austin Texas and shown to members of world Futures Socierty 2009

Technical. No longer online as of 20.8.2020. You needed shockwave installed and this is no longer available.

Title. 'Global: Never the same again always different....Forever', is a real time web artifact made in 2004 by Stanza. Screenshots Of Artwork Below

All images and artworks copyright (c) Stanza 2004. All rights reserved.

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