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The Third Space. 2010 -2014 This series of artworks represents newly created imaginary cities created from the marks and patterns that we make and leave behind on the landscape. The cities we inhabit disclose our behaviour in these systems. What you see are fused layers of city patterns in the form of hybridised imaginary cities. Maps made of maps. These lines, grids, and shapes form the design of the city.


In essence the artworks represent the scars on the landscape that we have created by our actions. These are all based on real cities and use remediated data. Each artwork becomes poetic interpretations of places we inhabit. They might first appear to us as abstracted forms created randomly, however they are part of the fabric of the design of our global cities. These imaginary cities belong to a long standing artisitc interpretation of the landscape.


In thinking and making these work, various other things started to inhabit the processes. The concepts of the city of noise, the city of data, the living breathing city space. Within the series some artworks merge city data with other cities to create what Stanza calls 'The Third Space' creating a confused hybrid multi-layered imaginary city. These images also play with the relationship of scale, from the micro to macro. Here the city becomes a living organism; it's alive, always moving towards the edges of space, alive in a viral sense.

Each city is built and made from other cities and it is possible to trace each one back to which one, and some are identifiable by their familiarirty. However I believe it’s best not to know which city it is, otherwise it becomes too literal. The Third Space is an expressive interpretation of the language of landscape that we inhabit though design, rather than informational design or informatics creating a visually poetic understanding of the world.


A while back near where I lived the police used to put signs up in the street where a crime had been committed . After three months, the walk to the local shops was a laboured depressing affair. The signs rapidly disappeared, but the impression they left was a cutting reminder that the experience of the data and information on the city affects the direction of our psyche. Wandering around in a random way (Le Flaneur) it’s possible to experience the meta-data of the space to get these re-imagined space.

Every artwork is a one-off on canvas. Each is signed on the back and has the provenance where they have been previously exhibited.These artworks have been exhibited at: Bruges Museum 2015. La Panacee Centre de Culture Contemporaine France 2015. Hacking Habitat. Art Of Control. Utrecht The Netherlands 2014.TSSK Trondheim. Norway 2014. Centre des Arts d'Enghien-les-Bains France 2014.

Steve Tanza, Stanza data maps

Steve Tanza. Stanza, art, imaginary cities, hybrid cities, paintings
Stanza at TSSK gallery with his painting and hybrid cites and imaginary worlds created from maps of the world..


Steve Tanza. Stanza, imaginary cities, hybrid cities,art, paintings
TSSK gallery Norway. Stanza exhibition 2014


Steve Tanza. Stanza,imaginary cities, hybrid cities,  art, paintings
Exhibited In Paris. Centre des Arts d'Enghien-les-Bains. 2014