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Dundee Contemporary Arts NEon 2016

November 13th, 2016

The artwork reforms this information and data creating parallel realities. At the heart of this work lies an interest in the urban environment, the networks of cameras and sensors to be found there, and the associated issue of privacy and alienation. The work sits in the middle of concepts for smart cities, The Internet of Things( IOT) and the new technologies that monitors the real time environment. In appearance, the Nemesis Machine is like Big Brother parsed through the lens of the Internet of things. It gives visitors a bird’s eye view of a cybernetic cityscape, where skyscrapers are constructed of silicon and circuit boards.

stanza_neon 284-web The Nemesis Machine stanza_neon-299-web

The Nemesis Machine


Paintings Of Cities from my studio all./ Oil on Canvas.

March 22nd, 2012

A whole series of Stanza Oil on Canvas paintings are ready for exhibition about the scars in the environment.





The city is everywhere, with lifeless design spreading upwards and forming a conundrum of physical objects in space. A city form is a conundrum of physical objects in space. Cities become “insect colonies”, spreading upwards with giant towers looming over vacant lots, and empty spaces.

OIl On Canvas By Stanza. Virus

OIl On Canvas By Stanza. Virus Giant cities paint a gloomy picture, of mass urban sprawl; the megalopolis is spreading upwards and everywhere to house a population of which 70 – 80% now lives in cites worldwide.

OIl On Canvas By Stanza. Virus

Oil On Canvas By Stanza. Virus 2

Beautiful City Maps: Stanza Paintings 1988

June 18th, 2010
Stanza Cities of the Iaginary world. Oil of canvas

Stanza painting. Oil On Canvas. 1988. In Private Collection.

Artwork  by Stanza. 1988

This is a map I painted in 1988 now in a private collection.  One of a series of beautiful city maps.  Oil on canvas.  Thought I  would post it up as I am off to research the maps at the  British  Library.   Maps as works of art, propaganda pieces, expressions of local pride, tools of indoctrination…the form the imagination at to how we express ourselves on the landscape

Magnificent Maps brings together 80 of the largest, most impressive and beautiful maps ever made, from 200 AD to the present day.