Stanza Music LP. Conundrum from 1987.

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Conundrum from 1987,  is a dual LP and video release, about the nature of London’s urban environment.

Stanza: The State - Conundrum

Stanza: The State - Conundrum LP and Video release 1987

The Conundrum image on the cover shows two tower block  being blown up.  I started with the black and white photo I took and developed on the Old Kent Road.  I  photocopied the image and then scanned it in a computer, a BBC micro in Goldsmiths college 1986. The image was them captured on screen and transferred to a TV studio where I  mixed the video feed with the computer image and then took a photo on the screen with a colour camera and then processed the colour image for the LP  cover….a lot of work.

The sounds and music have samples of street sounds from South London.  The video  version has a different mix.

The video is shot in South London and edited in TV studios with extensive post production. The idea with the video  was to  explore non linear editing techniques  which I  used to  build a visual narrative about the urban  condition ( as I  saw it).  Decay , deconstruction, rebuilding  etc.  The LP uses found sounds mixed together into a heavy industrial landscape.  The LP  was released on Dossier Records Berlin,  and the video was released on Provision a video label  I  set up  to sell and distribute videos. Image and music by Stanza.

Image: stanza portrait 1985. video still.

Image: Stanza Self portrait 1985. video still.

Also from this period are the ‘Artitextures’ built into a video wall.  Motifs of urban design de-constructed and repeated in a grid. This is a series of continually edited and reprocessed urban images and forms containing isolated fragments of our city experience.

The above image was used on Stanza CD of music called Control released in 1991


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