The city and the Internet becomes public domain space. By Stanza.

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Can we use new technologies to imagine a world where we are liberated and empowered, where finally all of the technology becomes more than gimmick and starts to actually work for us or are these technologies going to control up, separate us, divide us, create more borders. The securization of city space create digital borders that monitor our movement and charge us for our own micro movements inside the system.

My wireless sensor network is set up to visualize cities as ‘worlds’ full of data, a city of bits. These new data-spaces can help us understand the fundamentals of our outside environment. There is an argument to opening up the level of control and responsibility given allows freedom within the system. It’s a good argument until something changes, the passwords change, the building goes private, and every single piece of data is used for something that it wasn’t intended for. Some things change for the better but sometimes they don’t; one thing is for sure; things change.

Therefore my focus is on the things that change, the flow, the data that describes our experience of the city as space.

Future cities will be merged real time connected up data cities.

I envisage the city of the future will start to build a system that will integrate this data into a sort of semantic city. A visualized flow city data experience will allow us to see ‘the soul of the city’. By mixing the XML outputs of the various cities I have created interfaces to mash up the city experience into common themes and poetic threads.

The city and the Internet becomes public domain space. A brand new era. The Magic is Complete.

We just moved from fixed assets and linear systems, to interactive and generative works and finished in a real time emergent space across networked cities.

This space is very much up for grabs commercially, like the coded DNA inside our bodies, the shared city information spaces represent a mine of resources to be exploited…..where the boundaries and locked fences exist in the real world are generally controlled by the state in the virtual world, it seems commerce is having the upper hand.

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