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SOUNDCITIES. COM. Is the world first soundmap project.  If you work in field recording why not go to the site and put some sounds up. Cities all have specific identities, and found sound can give us clues to the people that inhabit these spaces, as well as provoking us and stimulating our senses in a musical way.

stanza soundcities liverpool soundmap

stanza soundcities liverpool soundmap

History of Soundcities  soundmap project

In 1995 and 1996 I approached the BBC and The Arts Council for funding support for a first version of soundcities and a database of found sounds and field recordings of the cities in the UK however both said no. Stanza started the soundcities recording project anyway (1998).  In 1999 a project called soundmaps was released and published as part of the “Central  City”  online net art project and this  won numerous art awards around the world.  In 2004 became the worlds first online found sound soundscape database.  Soundcities has remained independent and funded by Stanza.

SOUNDCITIES. BY STANZA 2007The project now has found sounds and field recordings from all around the world and across UK and it is an online map of sounds. It is also open sourced.

Essentially is an online database for sounds mapped to both Google maps and Google earth with numerous features; it also has unique XML feeds, with unique city and country id’s that can be queried to make you own interfaces, visualisations and noise maps. Users can contribute and put sounds on a map, users can put sounds in the database, they can listen to  thousands of sounds. The sounds can be grouped in categories, moods and descriptions etc

Users are able to upload sounds which are then linked to a Google map and Google earth in order to create a library of sounds according to location. They also add short text about the sound. The database is unique as it is open for all to use and musicians, sound designers can use the material on it to write interfaces via these XML feeds.

Soundcities soundmaps  is the sort of project that academics and sound researchers might find useful particularly those who study  noise maps,  soundscapes studies or sounds in the environment.

Stanza 2001. Giving performance of Soundcities.

Stanza 2001. Giving performance of Soundcities If you work in field recording why not go to the site and put some sounds up.


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