Stanza Media Facade. Responsive Architecture.

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This proposal has won the Nova Folkets Hus facade international juried competition and is now in development.

This AOF Nova facade utilizes, electronic art, new digital media, interactive technology, dynamic real time solutions, and networked space to create responsive architecture that reflects the emotional real time state of the city of Trondheim by UK artist Stanza.


Stanza Media Facade 2010. Data from across the city.

Stanza artwork.

Environmental data is collected across the urban and environment infrastructure to make the artwork; using custom made sensors in the building and around the city. (30 custom environmental sensors units measure, light, noise, sound, humidity, and temperature). This data is turned into a online real time visualization of the space. The sensors interpret the micro-data of the interactive city. The output from the sensors display the real time environmental and emotional state of the city online in real time and the information will be used on the fa├žade and online interface to control it.

My environmental sensors are scattered all over the building and city; this means I am literally painting with live data.

This work opens up a discourse about networks and surveillance technologies. The ownership and interrogation of public domain space is opened out where anyone can view all the data in these networks. This is used by me to make artworks but it is of equal interest to urban designers, city planners, and architects. The main point is to question the social political fabric of the landscape around us.

This work aim to reclaim the city which is remade as a real time virtualised space belonging to all.


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