Stanza Open Source. The primary creative software is DNA.

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Software seems to need hardware to run or to interpret the machine code.  Software interprets  the  zeros  and  ones of  the machine to represent  these numbers  in some form, into some  system  or as a language that one create an operating system with. The machine, the zeros and ones, the operating system and the software itself are not  creative  entities; the creative entity that allows these  possibilities is  us. Software isn’t creative is us who are creative. Our creative software runs on a different operating  system it  isn’t the zeros and ones of binary but the ACTG of DNA. The human operating system and some part of the gene pool is what allows the possibility of creative software.

Stanza Artwork

Stanza Artwork.

Here is my  DNA which  plays  for 104  years  at  one letter  a  second.  This is a visualisation or rather  a  visual representation  of  my creative software. It is open source so if you want to clone me.

code made from code made from blood represented by code.

The work represents my dna and each letter or base code appears on the screen for one second. The piece is cycling through all 3.3 billion letters of my dna code. At one second per letter, it will take more than one hundred and four years. The piece of work is time based and to make a note of the complete open source of my dna get a pencil and paper and start writing.


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