Artists residency at Lanternhouse.

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Image: Stanza Installation. 2009

Residency– A City of Dreams. Dates – 21 July until 1 September 2010

This project will take place in the Barn at Lanternhouse,  as I create imaginary electronic city scapes in an open studio process. During the creation process,  I will reveal the architecture of creation.  I will reveal my process; lay bare the reality of the work, physically by showing the machinery of the piece in progress and theoretically with a series of show-and-tell invitations to the public. This is also a new way of using the Barn as a studio and the project will help Lanternhouse make sense of the actual building and how spaces are utilised. In this way, the “open studio” mirrors the process of the project, with material and philosophical process being available to witness throughout.

Stanza will document his work and it will be available online for audience and participants to follow.  The Barn will be an Open Studio, a public domain space possibly with a live CCTV link available online at for a public online audience to follow the process.  This is not the creation of a visual exhibition; this is open process and development / production of work.

Image: Stanza Capacities Installation. 2010.

Image: Stanza Capacities Installation. 2010.


A City of Dreams is process as exhibition, with opportunities for participants and audience to see the artwork unfold  and then to see the final piece during the last week of September. Participants will have the chance to talk with the artist at intervals through the six week period, as the work develops.  They can engage with the development as there will be the chance to be involved practically in building the city. Stanza will create this work/s and be available to participants during the day as agreed as an “open studio”.  The aim is to allow people to engage in making the work. The artists website will be used as a showing space for the final piece and documentation and selected documentation will also be made available for Lanternhouse website.

Key themes: Networked, real time, responsive, mediated, online, dataspace, city, artwork.

Lanternhouse, The Ellers, Ulverston, Cumbria, LA12 0AA, United Kingdom


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