Three exhibitions currently featuring my work. April 2010. V@A , Towneley Park, and Pace Digital.

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Three exhibitions currently featuring my work using data, and ideas connected with surveillance space, mapping, landscape and networked spaces. April 2010


Image: Stanza live real time city data visualisation. 2007

1. ”Map Marking” features five works by artists and designers who employ digital technology to create maps, annotate them or intervene in the mapping process. Taken as a whole this exhibition represents a personalized cartography that endows maps and the spaces to which they are linked with the ephemera of life, from the fleeting sensations of the environment to the transitory movements of people and their emotions.
Apr. 6 – May 7, 2010, tue – fri, 12 – 6 pm, with a reception on Apr. 21st at 6:00 pm. The PDG show description ( ).

2. 2. “Park” Towneley Park Burnley as part of AND festival. April 2010 Looking towards the window in the gallery you can see a digital virtual landscape of the view through the window. The artist has embedded an image of the real world inside the artwork and using a network of multiple wireless sensors in Towneley Park he has recorded light, temperature, noise, humidity using customised environmental technologies. The painterly squiggles on the image show the data and the sounds you can hear are streams of data which the artist has turned into sound.

3. Decode at V & A. Until 11 th April.  Sensing the gallery and the environment to make art. The results are the visualisation and sonification of real time spaces. Using custom made sensors in the V & A Porter gallery and around the city. 20 custom environmental sensors units measure, light, noise, sound, humidity, and temperature….this data is turned into a online real time visualisation of the space. Stanza’s work “Sensity V & A” uses environmental sensors scattered all over the museum and the city to make visualisation and sonifications. Literally painting with data these works open up a discourse about networks and surveillance technologies. The ownership and interrogation of public domain space is opened out where anyone can view all the data in these networks. This is used by stanza to make artworks but it is of equal interest to urban designers, city planners, and architects. Stanza’s main point is to question the social political fabric of the landscape around us. This work aim to reclaim the city which is remade as a real time virtualised space belonging to all. The work is interactive, real time and responsive; it is also available online.


Image: Stanza Sensity V@A Decode Show.


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