Stanza generative coded wall. 2009

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Brent Wall Projection example copy

Image: Stanza Wall Projection 2009

This artwork is inspired by the idea of an emergent data city. As we walk about, the patterns we make via phones, and gps systems, leave traces and memories of the places we have visited. This artwork tries to re-create those patterns as abstracted movements captured over time. The end result, the output are ‘maps’. “Codefied” creates patterned maps actioned by the interpretation of the code.

In the next version live networked data from GPS and 3g networks will create a live realtime accurate system of where we all are in the world at any one time. (screen size needed 1024 by 768) . In development it uses eleven people in real time to track through the city. Update march 2009.  I now have developed the GPS system fopr 15 people that tracks them all through the city and a preformance based piece is in development; an audio visual sonification and visualisation tracing / tracking the event in real time.

Brent Wall Projection example

Image: Stanza Wall Projection 2009

artwork by stanza….building as art…


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