Stanza: Control Series Paintings. 1990

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Stanza Oil painting 1989.  Control

Stanza painting oil on canvas. 1989

Stanza Painting The Control Series from 1989 . Oil on Canvas.

The city itself is always changing; it is always in flux. Each aspect of city life seems to demonstrate specific characteristics, which can be developed into individual parts of the labyrinth, making up the images that will be used. A city experience consists of small unit blocks and cells which inter-relate and lock together to form the composite city identity. The city has moved from metropolis to megalopolis to the ecumenopolis. The city is everywhere, with lifeless design spreading upwards and forming a conundrum of physical objects in space.

A city form is a conundrum of physical objects in space. Cities become “insect colonies”, spreading upwards with giant towers looming over vacant lots, and empty spaces. Previous works using the motif of urbanism, includes the LP ‘Conundrum’ and linear video works. These works throw you into the land full of precisely constructed sounds creating gloomy atmospheres aimed to provoke listeners vision about urbanistic landscapes.

Also …. a whole series of large paintings and photo based works.

The series “Control” resulted large large black and white oil on canvas images from 1990 – 1992 and the “New Decayed” from 1989. (see


Stanza Oil painting 1990.  Control

Stanza paintings oil on canvas. 1990


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