Surveillance Art 2013

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My surveillance art installation was exhibited again in 2013 at De Markten Belgium as part of the exhibition “A Look Inside” which was a themed show in surveillance based artworks. The event was also to launch the book Liquid Surveillance. (Lyon Bauman) .

surveillance art Visitors to a gallery By Stanza

Visitors To A Gallery is the third I have now showed this digital artwork is a surveillance art system. Previously in 2008 it was exhibited at Plymouth arts Centre . The installation incorporates the visitors to the gallery inside the artwork. As visitors come into the gallery, they are then monitored and captured by the camera system in the gallery. A series of codes and custom electronics manipulates the camera feeds and the resulting video feeds. Proximity sensors on the floor allow the system to zoom in, or divide the screen into grids, depending on where people are standing in the gallery. The results are displayed on the gallery walls.

The visitors to the gallery, are in fact assets, and I refer to the audience as data. The visitors, that is the audience are units of data, moving around the giant database, which is the gallery. The patterns, movement, and exchanges of data in the real space, can be measured and interpreted as an emergent social space or flow space.

surveillance art Visitors to a gallery By Stanza

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