Surveillance Art 2008

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surveillance art

Its great to be invited to Plymouth Arts Centre to work on my surveillance art system that incorporates the visitors to the gallery inside the artwork. As visitors come into the gallery, they are then monitored and captured by the camera system in the gallery. A series of codes and custom electronics manipulates the camera feeds and the resulting video feeds. Proximity sensors on the floor allow the system to zoom in, or divide the screen into grids, depending on where people are standing in the gallery. The results are displayed on the gallery walls.

Concepts: The visitors to the gallery, are in fact assets, and I refer to the audience as data. The visitors, that is the audience are units of data, moving around the giant database, which is the gallery. The patterns, movement, and exchanges of data in the real space, can be measured and interpreted as an emergent social space or flow space.

  • The public are embedded into the “information stream” of the artwork so that they become the artwork.
  • The private body in the space is made public and shared.
  • The resulting experience becomes a real time artifact, the artwork is always changing, never the same again always different forever.
  • The focus is the live dynamic interpretation of the space and the people both inside and outside.
  • This artwork puts the audience, the public on display and everyone is incorporated into the spectacle in the gallery.
  • This work opens out the networks of surveillance and creates new narratives in the process.
  • The idea of using the information inside the space is also to make the space transparent and extend the gallery space outwards.

Funding and Development. This has been re-commissioned by Helen Sloan in 2008 where for Plymouth Arts Centre UK 2008 curated by Paula Orrell and was supported by The Arts Council Of England

Exhibitions and Provenance. This installation has been exhibited in these galleries and venues.

  • The Watershed Media Centre UK. Thanks to Dick Penny and Clarks Bursary. 2004.
  • Plymouth Arts Centre Feb. UK. Solo show. Thanks to Paula Orrell and Helen Sloan. 2008.


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