Sensity contexts: Data and pervasive media.

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Sensors in The city. Data and pervasive media.

I was looking for works  predate my “Sensity” project (above)  and came across this: –  Toyo Ito completed his Tower Of Winds in 1986. A soft skinned exterior on a concrete tower represents the “visual complexity” of Tokyo filtering air, sounds, and noises of the city. ( I would like to  know if its real time and what technology what used). Either way this is a decade or two ahead of most of the development s in this field. The work uses over 1,000 lamps, twelve neon rings, and thirty flood lights, the last situated on the ground and directed upwards within the tower. The work, “reflects the complexity and nature of the city and its inhabitants.”  These works might concerns how the observer “maps relationship between in put and output as Lucy Bullivant expresses it. ( p9  Responsive Environments).


A series of artworks based on sensing the environment. The results are the visualisation and sonification of real time spaces.


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