Sensity: An Urban Scale Wireless Sensor Test Bed.

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Copyright Image by Stanza

copyright stanza artwork image London

From Sensity by stanza…2004.. The sensor network can be moved from urban to rural setting and different types of visualization can be made depending on the environment. Sensity is an open social sculpture that informs the world and creates new meaningful experiences. Sensity is also a highly technical project that will give vast amounts of information about the fabric of our cities. By embedding the sensors like this we can re-engage with the urban fabric and enable new artistic metaphors within city space. The sensors are positioned across the city. Custom made software enables these sensors to communicate will one another in a network over a proxy server in real time.The data can also be used to create visualizations in an open source environment. Other online users can also re- interpret the data and interrogate the various sensors in the network as this is open sourced as well (see xml streams). Representations of these data sets will allow unique understanding of the urban environment and environment in real time.”

stanza live data

Copyright Image by Stanza …Stanza live city data from Sensity. Around Goldsmiths College London For Meta Data.


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