Voters’ data ‘should not be sold’

July 11, 2008 by stanza Leave a reply »

The ethical values and economic values of information and personal data is a little side business or tax that will increasingly affect the way people communicate with each other. And it seems the State is already Voters’ data ‘should not be sold’ trying to  profit.

Is anyone asking questions …..who is  going to sell or profit by the answers ….invoices,contracts and profit share schemes should be discussed at the onset.

Would you like sugar in you tea dear, one or two  spoons…….and which  brand.

The government-commissioned report said allowing voters’ details to be sold to commercial firms sent a “poor message”.

It also said people should have a right to know who firms shared their details with and firms which deliberately broke privacy rules should face large fines.

The government said it agreed measures needed to be taken to increase trust. I am asleep.


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