Stanza Vida Retrospective Madrid. The Central City Exhibition

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Works for Premios VIDA The Central City by Stanza 1996 – 2004

The installation includes these titles. Central City.   1996 +  Inner City I.  2001 + Inner City II. 2001  +Beautifull Maps.  2004  + Biocities. 2003  + Codified. 2003  + Nanocities. 2003  + Diversity  I. 2003  + Diversity  II Pillars Of  Truth. 2003  + Elasticity. 2003  + Spider Maps. 2004

The Central City gets dusted down by Stanza  for Vida Retrospective in Madrid from May 8th for six months. Hundreds of sections of this art labyrinth will be exhibited on 15 touch screens built into towers blocks as a large scale interactive installation (see below). Stanza will be showing all the Central City projects and sub projects. It’s a labyrinth, a “city” of interactive artworks themed around the life of the city and using patterns maps and city data.

The Centrtal City for Madrid Vida

The Central City for Madrid Vida

The Central City has the following sub titles and artworks ( like chapters in a book) :-universa constructor videotron megalopotron univercity smallworlds textourama elevator maputor proser city central citoxity fostexity textus sounder randomizer cuboid matrixity advercity fibrinet.

‘The Central City ‘, is an audio visual, interactive, internet art, experience. The central city consists of text pieces, embedded sounds, all made for the internet.  The city becomes an organic network of grids and diagrams, juxtaposing urban sights and sounds. An online internet specific art project I wanted to develop analogies for the organic identity of the city as an urban community and make links with electronic networks and virtual communities. This organic interplay is contrasted with man made structures, as well as patterns and forms of urban design. The online spaces are for dreaming, thinking, meditating and transience.

Inner City. Different sections inside include:- virosity. artitexture. blackstar. complicity. cuboxis. intoxcity. megalopolis. misterium. modernista. ecumenopolis. motorate. organicity. phyletcity. revolver. utopias.

The idea is to go deeper into analogies for the organic identity of the city. The micro city becomes an organic networks of grids and diagrams.The form and content of this work is a visual world of the city and its structure. Networks of information technology are contrasted with organic networks and city networks. The project fuses the sounds of specific places.The sounds of language impose a rhythm that the visual narrative can interact with. The city codes itself up into a growing patterns and images based on algorithmic patterns. The digital city experience.


Inspired by the idea of the city being a coded entity. These “paintings” map out city emergent city spaces. Each one in the series has different behaviours which change the sounds over time or generate and evolve new images, ie shapes and colours. The city experience is a web of connected networks and multi layered threaded paths that condition us to the emotional state of the city space. In essence, the city fabric is a giant multi user multi data sphere. The patterns we make, the forces we weave, are all being networked into retrievable data structures that can be re-imagined and sourced for information. These patterns all disclose new ways of seeing the world. There are 24 artworks in the series built into a unique software system. They are available as a touch screen edition for exhibition.


This artwork is inspired by the idea of an emergent data city. As we walk about, the patterns we make via phones and gps systems leave traces and memories of the places we have visited. This artwork tries to re-create those patterns as abstracted movements captured over time. The end results, the outputs, are ‘maps’. “Codified” creates patterned maps actioned by the interpretation of the code.

Beautiful Maps

Small scale events and objects have affect within systems. These code structures create patterns on the nano scale making generative paintings that look like maps and cities. This custom made software makes millions of maps.

Stanza Towers 2004 from Diversity

Stanza Towers 2004 from Diversity


The ‘central city’ has become an amalgamation of images from art, architecture, design and urbanism. The city has moved from metropolis to megalopolis to the ecumenopolis. The city is everywhere, with lifeless design spreading upwards and forming a conundrum of physical objects in space.  Cities become “insect colonies”, spreading upwards with giant towers looming over vacant lots, and empty spaces.

The form and content of this work is a visual world of the city and its structure. A visual labyrinth, a maze of circumstance. The city itself is always changing; it is always in flux. A visual labyrinth, a maze of circumstance. The city itself is always changing; it is always in flux. Each aspect of city life seems to demonstrate specific characteristics, which can be developed into individual parts of the labyrinth, making up the images that will be used.  A city experience consists of small unit blocks and cells which inter-relate and lock together to form the composite city identity.


The online spaces are for dreaming, thinking, meditating and transience.

City Sounds

I am interested in the sounds of specific places, and how the sounds reflect this identity and re-impose characteristics back onto the location or environment. Cities all have specific identities, and found sound can give us clues to the people that inhabit these spaces, as well as provoking us and stimulating our senses in a musical way. The sounds of language impose a rhythm that the visual narrative can interact with. The intention within newer sections of the inner city, is to create an audio visual experience that evokes place, both as literal description but also developed musical composition. These are the ideas that are informing my ‘soundmaps’ series, and ‘soundcities’.


Exhibition Information. This project has also been exhibited at.

museo tamayo arte contemporáneo 2002 + fluxusonline 2002 + cosign germany 2002 + fcmm montreal 2002 + physical vs. logical space , austrailia + cinemania(c) croatia 2002 + arte digital cuba 2002 + isea japan 2002 + Garage Festival Germany 2002 + Senef korea 2002 + nimes 2002 + emaf 2002 + siggraph usa 2002 + soundtoys 2002 + cybersonica 2002 + Fused 2002 + Sao Paulo Bienale 2002 + Zeppelin Barcelona 2002 + in 4L Istanbul 2002 + Immedia 2002 usa + Net-working 2001 + Soeul Net art 2001 + Generative Art 4th GA2001 + A Fair Place Turkey.2001 + McLean Project Casting a Net USA 2001 + Art Image Graz 2001 + Video Lisboa Lisbon 2001 + Impakt Utrecht 2001 + Medi@terra Greece 2001 + Cynet 2001 Dresden + E.I.I.Festival edinburgh 2001 + Garage Festival Germany 2001 + Urban Myths.Israel 2001 Independent Newspaper best site of the week 2001 + DLUX 2001 Austrailia + Moscow International Festival 2001 + Sonar 2001 + net-z-lab 2001 + Vdor21/Break21 2001 + Thaw 2001 + arco 2001 + Transmediale 2001 + Architettura in Video 2000 + Netart 2000 + Independent Newspaper best site of the week 2000 + Macromedia’s UCON 1999 + BIMA shortlist UK 1999 + emaf 1999 + Seafair 1998 +

Stanza The Central City Installation


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