Sound in The City.

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stanza map

Stanza Image: GPS sound map, around my house.

“This application visitors of the IAMS website can listen to recorded soundwalks and simultaniously follow the track on the world maps of Microsoft’s Virtual Earth ®.

This gives the opportunity to evaluate and compare the sounds at their orginal (but virtual) locations. The application went online with 18 soundwalks as a start.
Sound designers, sound recordists, sound hunters and sound amateurs of all kinds will (soon) be invited to take part in this soundscape research project.

We as researchers are interested in how cities sound. To that purpose we wish to collect sounds of as many places in the world as possible. Recordings of rural places and nature are also welcome for inspiration and comparison.

You can also enjoy the audio maps as a form of acoustical tourism.
We developed an application that makes it easy to input the data of your walk. In the next version (to be released very soon) you can upload your own recordings and connect the corresponding path to Virtual Earth ® maps.

These data and the recording will generate a Virtual Earth ® tour connected with your audio. Everybody can watch and listen to this tour and the timing of your audio will correspond exactly with the locations on the map. You will find the instructions for uploading in the next version of the application.” all quoted off the website


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