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STARTS Residencies Days Private Opening on Friday Feb 28, from 6pm to 10pm.

March 3rd, 2020

Currently In Paris for the The STARTS Residencies Days which will take place at CENTQUATRE Paris, France. Its a showcase of 3 years of art, technology and science collaborations involving more than 100 artists, scientists and engineers

This final event of the European STARTS Residencies programme presents in multiple forms an experiment at an unprecedented scale: how can art contribute to technological innovation? 45 artists have been selected to produce a work in close collaboration with a research project or an innovative company. Taking advantage of some of the most advanced technologies, art creates a bridge with humans and society by offering a sensitive, participatory and critical experience.

The artwork Invisible Agency raises several questions about the fluid liquid real time data space that now surrounds and envelops us everywhere. Who owns the data, who does this space belongs to? What is the future of this technologically stacked interlocking mediated environment?

Size 120 by 100 cm. Hangs on wall. Self contained. Mixed media. Oil, Canvas, Electronics, Cables, Leds, Screens, Software.

Stanza Invisible Agency