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The Nemesis Machine / The Emergent City

October 30th, 2019

The Nemesis Machine / The Emergent City has been updated over the summer

This is the largest and most complex art city the artist has made to date which is custom built for each location.  Each individual customized area reacts to layers of incoming data from a variety of sources which are mixed and reassembled to create a unique hybrid Third Space. This work is growing in its conceptual approaches relating to the way we experience the city and the data that surrounds us and now forms an exhibition in itself.

The artwork is ready to be exhibited and can be shown in different ways and sizes. Several new areas and experiences are in development that support my current research into invisible agency.

Stanza Artwork

Here is a recent video explaining the artwork.

STARTS residency

October 30th, 2019

Invisible Agency. Alternative Visions of Reality. Investigating the ethics of data manipulation and trust in the area known as Internet Of Things across distributed networks to create aesthetic experiences facilitating a new understanding of networked space. Invisible Agency might therefore become an artistic data visualisation interface connecting real time city spaces into a dynamic artwork.

As part of my residency titled Invisible Agency I am trying to harvest data from the (any) city in
real time as part of an idea that the city is a performative data space in which we are all complicity directly interacting. Initially I was looking at smart sensor data and other forms of real time data from smart city networks (and I might come back to this) but because Wavecom (who are my residency hosts) are specialists WIFI integrators I have spent time investigating WIFI signals and their ubiquitous presence in the urban landscape.

Wi-Fi is in everyone’s pocket and we are complicit in its structure and flow by our own mobility
and that of the numerous fixed invisible devices. As the ‘body’ in the ‘data space’ we carry
devices that allow us to connect to the wider networks but implicitly we enter into a dialectic with
all these other devices.