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Three Stanza exhibitions currently on show

July 2nd, 2012

1. Madrid. Fundación Telefónica Arte y Vida Artificial. VIDA 1999-2012. April – Dec 2012.

This exhibition project, curated by Karin Ohlenschläger, makes clear how the concept of artificial life in relation to art and the existence of different ways to investigate and deal with the dialogue between art and new technologies and exhibits previous winners including Stanza for the “The Central City”  project an internet art  project from 1997 – 2004.

Stanza data city

2. Austin Texas “The Future Of  Imagination” Friday September 7th 2012.

Stanza will perform Soundcities. ( During the performance Stanza operates the soundcities applications and soundmaps on three laptops these generate sound control data and image data. This is basically a live world tour of city sounds as music. These machines are connected to a mixing desk. Images are coming from the website projects.

3. Zebrastraat Ghent from the 14th  until the 22st  September. Stanza will exhibit Capacities.. ( “Capacities Life In The Emergent City” captures the data changes over time in the environment and represents the changing life and complexity of real time space as an emergent artwork. What you see is a sculpture representing the emergent properties of the environment the sensors network is placed situated.