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Artworks using data and the artists DNA sequence 2004 – 2006. By Stanza

February 22nd, 2012

Genomixer DNA artworks By Stanza Artworks using the atists DNA

stanza_dna_lifeformsGenomixer ….a database of dna code. A completely new online experience. A series of online artworks inspired by the human genome sequence and developed from dna profile which are sequenced from the artists blood. The online artworks are investigations into genetic codes mapped and re assembled online. The artwork series enables a cross reference all the code on the genome sequence allowing you to intermix or breed your own variable of me; you can look at the new mix of chromosomes in real time; on line.

To make these works my dna was sampled to make metaphases, g-banding and full profiles of chromosomes. Samples of my dna currently resides in my freezer ready for cloning. Works are enabled by dna code extracted from my blood. The sounds and images of code make audio visual self portrait versions.

Artworks using the atists DNA

stanza dna metaphase painting 2002

stanza dna metaphase painting 2002

It seems likely with the advent of self dna tests the emergence of this type of DNA test will be prolific. This data can be recorded into the genomixer database and saved. That is, each independent user will have there own personal online audio visual experience based on there unique genetic code and because they have the option to save it this means they can also see and listen to other users results. In other words this is a giant open source audio visual labyrinth and database. The system uses a generative audio system that can play interactive non linear audio over the net. The sounds are mapped to the genetic codes. Genomixer is a complete audio visual online generative system. Code representing code generated by code made from blood. Stanza 2004

Genomixer ….a database of dna code.

Stanza Data Artwork called Sonicity exhibited at 25th Stuttgarter Filmwinter

February 12th, 2012

Stanza  Data Artwork called Sonicity exhibited at 25th Stuttgarter Filmwinter

Making The Invisible visible. Smart cities and real time sensor  data

Stanza Smart cities and real dataSonicity Installation is exhbited in Germnay  for Stuttgarter Filmwinter Sound Installation, Great Britain 2011.

“Sonicity” is a responsive installation, a sonification of the real space and environment. This artwork focuses on the real time space and the experience of the gallery visitor as they interact with the space, using data gathered from these new technologies. My system monitors the space (the building) and the environment (the city) and captures live real time data (light, temperature, noise, humidity, position) to create an ambient sonification, an acoustic responsive environment, literally the sound of the micro incidents of change that occur over time. This artwork explores new ways of thinking about interaction within public space and how this affects the socialization of space. The project uses environmental monitoring technologies and security based technologies, to question audience experiences of the event and space and gather data inside the space. The project also focuses on the micro-incidents of change, the vibrations and sounds of the gallery using wireless sensor based technologies.

Stanza Sonicity Artwork

Stanza Sonicity Artwork

The sounds you hear are the sounds of the changing environment, i.e. the changes of noise, light, temperature of the space is turned into a real time sound stream using dozens of wireless sensors presented as an installation on 170 speakers.

Soundinstallation, Großbritannien 2011

“Sonicity” ist eine reaktionsfähige Installation, ein Hörbarmachen von realem Raum und realem Umfeld. Die Klänge, die man hört, sind die einer sich verändernden Umwelt, das heißt Veränderungen von Geräuschen, Licht und Temperatur werden mithilfe dutzender kabelloser Sensoren in einen Echtzeit-Soundstream umgewandelt und als Installation aus 170 Lautsprechern präsentiert.

Die Arbeit konzentriert sich auf den Echtzeit-Raum und die Erlebnisse der Besucher wenn sie mit dem Raum interagieren. Dabei werden Daten, die durch diese neuen Technologien gesammelt wurden, verwendet. Mein System überwacht den Raum (das Gebäude) und die Umwelt (die Stadt) und erfasst live die Echtzeit-Daten (Licht, Temperatur, Geräusche, Luftfeuchtigkeit, Position) um die Umgebung in Form von Tönen abzubilden, eine auf Akustik reagierende Umgebung, buchstäblich der Sound der Mikro-Veränderungen, die sich im Lauf der Zeit ereignen. Das Kunstwerk untersucht neue Denkansätze über Interaktion im öffentlichen Raum und wie sich diese auf die Sozialisation des Raums auswirkt.

Das Projekt nutzt Umweltüberwachungstechnologie und Sicherheitstechnik, um die Besuchererlebnisse im Raum zu hinterfragen, wobei Daten im Raum gesammelt werden. Das Projekt beleuchtet auch die Mikro-Veränderungen, die Vibrationen und Geräusche der Ausstellungsräume mit drahtloser, sensorenbasierter Technik.