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Stanza presents Robots at Nesta.

November 23rd, 2009

Stanza presents Robots at Nesta. Playing and Experimenting with robots that  are anto social and avoid one another. Stanza, independent artist and technologist will  shares his love of robots and sensor systems in a hands-on session at Nesta for all to move through.

Stanza robot paintings

Image: Stanza robot paintings. 2008

I took along my  robots and all sorts of kit and made a small installation in situ.


November 23rd, 2009


Stanza is  presenting some new ideas and works….about sounds in the city.

10am-4pm, Wednesday 18th November 2009
Department of Music, City University London, Northampton Square, London EC1V 0HB

A day of presentations, participatory workshops and informal performance around themes of urban sound, networked sound, locative media and acoustic ecology – the relationship between living beings their environment, as mediated by sound.

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stanza datacity


Here are my sensors all over London collecting data….onto google maps.

This is the data I  use to make sonicity.  Listening to the city with sensors.

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This interactive website called allows the audience as creative user the possibility to remix the hundreds of samples recorded from around the world and then save their own mix. Soundcities is an online database of the thousands of sounds from around the world. The website also has series on online mixing desks where you can mix these sounds.  Soundcities uses city recorded soundscapes from world cities made over the last five years. All the sounds are now online also online as open source sounds. The database allows full open sourced access and listening to the individual sounds.  The Database is also open so anyone can upload sounds they collect from world cities, thereby making a contribution to the project and making an online sounds archive. Soundcities is the worlds first online soundmap project.

Stanza exhibits real time data network at Decode: Digital Design Sensations. V & A Porter gallery

November 22nd, 2009

Stanza is in this show…Digital Design Sensations. 8 December 2009 – 11 April 2010.

Using custom made sensors in the V & A Porter gallery and around the city. 20 custom environmental sensors units measure, light, noise, sound, humidity, and temperature….this data is turned into a online real time visualisation of the space.

Stanza’s work “Sensity V & A” uses environmental sensors scattered all over the museum and the city to make visualisation and sonifications. Literally painting with data these works open up a discourse about networks and surveillance technologies. The ownership and interrogation of public domain space is opened out where anyone can view all the data in these networks. This is used by stanza to make artworks but it is of equal interest to urban designers, city planners, and architects. Stanza’s main point is to question the social political fabric of the landscape around us. This work aim to reclaim the city which is remade as a real time virtualised space belonging to all. The work is interactive, real time and responsive; it is also available online.

The Victoria and Albert Museum. The exhibition will be centred in the Porter Gallery. The exhibition will explore three themes. Code as a Raw Material will present pieces that use computer code to create new designs in the same way a sculptor works with materials such as clay or wood. This section will look at how code can be programmed to create constantly fluid and ever changing objects. The second theme, Interactivity, will look at designs where the viewer directly influences the work. Visitors will be invited to interact with and contribute to the development of the works, many of which show designers playing with the boundaries of design and performance. The final theme, The Network, will focus on works that comment on and utilise the digital traces left behind by everyday communications, from blogs in social media communities to mobile communications or satellite tracked GPS systems.

Sensity by Stanza as part of Decode: Digital Design Sensations at the V and A. I wont be showing the globe but I will be showing live data visualisation of London and the V @ A.