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Exhibition Title: Online—The Emergent City By Stanza.

July 6th, 2007

stanza_artist__webstanza artwork called globals

stanza image : artwork called globals 

List of works about Cities. This is a list of links to my online artworks about cities. I am looking for a curator to make an exhibition of this as well as an exhibition space for an offline show.

Exhibition Title: Online

The EmergentCity by Stanza

Control Series, (Paintings )

New Decayed series. (Paintings)

Memory Mapping (Drawings).

Conundrum. (video)

Artitexture. (video wall)

The Central City (website)

Inner City (Touch Screen)

Biocity. (Touch Screen)

Photocities (website)

Diversity. (Projection)

Brilliant City film (Plasma)

*Authenticity (Projected )

*Urban Rythms ( plasma)

Codified (plasma triptych)

Megalopolis (plasma)

Globals. (Projected).

Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water. (screens )

*Urban Generation , Installation

*You Are my Subjects

*Blue Skies (Small display)

*House (Projected)

*Sensity (Projected and installed)

*Soundcities. Online database…headphones booths to touch screen.

Soul. (large installation.

Work that need the involvement of space and community

Publicity( CCTV onto outside)

Public Domain ( Gving CCTV units away)

Soundcities. (Online database.) Workshop collecting sounds. The sounds of the city

Sensity (Installed version)

  • *Denotes live networked artwork therefore needs internet connection
  • Other works can be shown and exhibited locally
  • Also available are paintings, prints, drawing of maps, and slides (not online).

Also a selection of digital prints will be made up and shown.

What is needed for an offline gallery exhibition are computers, projectors , displays, works printed up framing and electronics. Plus exhibition infrastructure, transport and catalogue.

House by Stanza: artwork using the data from his house

July 6th, 2007


image of “House” by Stanza


Collected data through the house senses the living changing flow of the space. The air, light, heat of the physical property is monitored and the data is used for the online real time visualization. The changing sounds of the space are triggered by specially created software into a dynamic generative soundscape. You are allowed into my private space through the uses of new technologies that are used to mediate the archive of data, sounds and images.  This is not a passive monument that no longer exists but house is revealed as a flow of space through time.