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Stanza exhibited at The Aboa Vetus & Ars Nova museum as part of Digitally Yours Exhibition

March 21st, 2007


stanza_reality 041_white_above

I am showing Urban Generation at The Aboa Vetus & Ars Nova museum.

The Arts Council of Southwest Finland are organizing an international exhibition of digital art. The exhibition will be shown in the Aboa Vetus & Ars Nova museum starting 31st March until 13th May 2007. Several internationally recognised artists working digitally have been invited to take part in the exhibition, and their work will be exhibited together for the first time. The key theme of the exhibition is human approach to digital technology. While digitality is often seen merely as technology, Digitally Yours points out through the works exhibited that it is a significant part of our humane everyday life. They represent an audience who may not be familiar with contemporary art, but are very familiar with the digital world.


Despite its mundane quality digitality is something that changes people. In this spirit Digitally Yours challenges existing conceptions of art by transforming the character of artworks as well as the roles of artist and spectator. Digitally Yours provides experiences, joy, participation and a great deal to reflect upon for a broad spectrum of audiences. Digitally Yours deals with the inevitable co-existence of people and the digital world. The exhibition maps the changes in life and art in a time that is characterised by the digitalisation of culture. The artists in the exhibition use digital technology, but with a critical attitude.

Within the arts, digitality creates a new type of community and collective participation that involves both those who create art and those who consume art. Digitally Yours makes the social character of the digital visible through art. Digital art makes people open their eyes and consider humane and geographical differences in an entirely new way.

I am showing this work:
Urban Generation: Multiple cameras are accessed randomly in real time to make an urban tapestry. What you see is an evolving, generative artwork. These images are from taken London, and they happen as you see them, in real time. The installation versions of this work can be presented in art galleries using projectors or plasma displays. This online artwork represents many realities that exist in city space. The observed real time surveillance society is re worked into a series of grids. This presents London to a global online audience. The data that you see is protected by the data protection act. Here it is re mixed into what you see, which is this online artwork that look like a filmic experience. First made in 2002 the work was recently re -tested and some technical issues have been ironed out for 2005.

Sensity in Italy Festival at Share IT. The art of environmental data

March 21st, 2007

ddcPIEMONTE_SHARE_FESTIVAL | TORINO, 23 – 28 GENNAIO 2007: From over 200 submitted works, an international jury shortlisted six works that were exhibited at the festival, from which one prize winner is selected.

Sensity was selected but they just set up a projected version rather than the live sensor network. Like with many other festivals, there is one prize only that is not tied to a specific technology or genre but rather to their combination and to the expression of ideas.

A series of artworks based on connecting city spaces. The results are visualisations and sonifications of real time spaces using my own wireless sensor networks and environmental sensor technologies.

Sensity artworks are made from the data that is collected across the city. The sensors interpret the micro-data of the interactive city or responding city space. The outputs from the sensors networks then display the “emotional” state of the city online, in real time. The information is also used to create offline installations and sculptural artworks. Several artworks (sonfications and visualisations) have been made connecting up space and cities.

All the artworks in this series by Stanza use data from the real time environment. A new city experience results based on the mash up meta data from these multiple cities streams. Sensity leverages these real time data city streams and represents it online, showing the life of the system, opening up the system, and the publishing emerging changing bahaviours of the space.

As all things becomes connected and networked, my concept will be become a system that senses not just the city but the whole world. Eventually sensors will be linked to give a real time global visualization. ~ Public domain data resource for art and environmental monitoring.


Stanza at Digital Studios Space Goldsmiths College

March 21st, 2007

Stanza Cities












SEMINAR with Stanza(15 Jan, 2007, 4-5pm) Digital Studios Space, Ben Pimlott building, ground floor left. Goldsmiths, University of London, New Cross, SE14 6NW:

Stanza is AHRC Creative and Performing Arts Fellow, GDS (2006-2009). He is a London-based artist, who specialises in net art, multimedia, and electronic sounds.

The research he is undertaking as part of his AHRC Fellowship with GDS is around The Emergent City, an exploration of data within cities and how this can be represented visualized and interpreted. Data from security tracking, traffic data, and sensor data for environmental monitoring can all be interpreted as a medium to make process led artworks. The underlying theme or main research question is concerned with the organic emergence of the city.

Cities clearly have a character, but do they have a ’soul’? If so, then what can be determined about the validity of the city experience in relation to its ‘character’, or ’soul’, or spirit’?