net art generative art. Codified: Trying to imagine where you've been and where you are going in a mine full of data". 2002-6.  , STanzaTitle. "Codified: Trying to imagine where you've been and where you are going in a mine full of data". 2002-6.


This artwork is inspired by the idea of an emergent data city. As we walk about, the patterns we make via phones and gps systems leave traces and memories of the places we have visited. This artwork tries to re-create those patterns as abstracted movements captured over time. The end results, the outputs, are 'maps'. "Codified" creates patterned maps actioned by the interpretation of the code. The touch screen units are custom built and configured to load works automatically (viz. plug-n-play). For installation, they can be hung on the wall like a painting or they can mount with screens flush to the wall, or other surfaces. They have been made as editions so collectors may purchase the work and galleries may exhibit more easily.

"They form part of Stanza’s Amorphoscapes series (which he has been working on since 1997). Unlike existing web-based incarnations, these are limited-edition touch-screens which better demonstrate Stanza’s uncompromising ability to craft technology. These works are exquisitely executed. Aesthetically and technologically they are flawless, standing out vividly against a backdrop of new media art which can be clunky and ill-defined. Even to the untrained eye, or those uninitiated in new media arts, Stanza’s skills and outputs as an artist working with electronic technologies are apparent." Charlotte Frost

"Stanza's work crosses borders between artistic, technological and scientific sectors. He creates participatory digital artworks that invite viewers to guide data flows or to simply observe self-generating compositions. His digital paintings shift through abstract and iconic patterns, which people can explore akin to virtual environments. Interactive and visually appealing, his style also maintains the substantive power through multi-facetted content. "David Mather" 2004


There are 20 artworks in this series, built into the custom made software system that is available for exhibition. They can be exhibited on multi screen plasma screens or as a series of projections.


See videos below or Enter Online. All the artwork In the series can be experienced online below. You need the shockwave plug- in to view them. They are all screen resolution is 1024 by 768.


stanza Artist.   Artist Stanza Paintings. stanza Paintings. Digital generative artwork by Stanza.

Codified 002. Size 100 by 100cm printed canvas.

Artwork signed by Stanza.