stanza ,  video art installationTHE PANIC NOISE SERIES: ARTITEXTURES. BY STANZA 1985-87

These artworks use patterns and forms filmed in the city to create deconstructed constantly repeating visual noises of the urban situation. The techniques developed include use and manipulation of simultaneuos video feeds which are then heavily processed using custom experimental methods within the facilities of several TV studios. At the time 1985 - 87 this involved the use of analogue VT technologies and computer graphics systems including BBC micro and Quantel.

Exhibited on multiple screens at various art galleries including the V2 in Den Bosch Holland, The Young Unknowns Gallery London, Goldsmiths Gallery London (all 1987), and various events all over Europe between 1988 and 1991. The videos are in the collections of London Video Arts (LVA) and have been archived in Holland via V2 for dutch media services.

"Stanza started creating and presenting work in the mid-1980s with pieces such as Artitextures, a multi-monitor video art installation presented at the V2_ Institute in Den Bosch, Holland (1986); and the Conundrum video, shot in the grey cemented mazes of South London and heavily aesthetisized in postproduction (1987). Both works use city images and sounds to reflect upon fractured urbanity, communicating a sense of cultural discontinuity and emotional isolation within a post-industrial urban landscape. The City: urban landscapes and soundscapes, along with their complex social functions and dynamic networks of interconnections, have been central to his artistic practice. Influenced by the Situationist International since the early stages of his career, Stanza undertakes a critique of contemporary urbanism that is not defined primarily by restrictive architectures but by surveillance networks and connective data flows. Stanza’s cybercities and data cities might not directly constitute a terrain of participatory games, but they are playful ‘dérives’ to fragments of urbanism that gesture beyond the functional and into ‘daydreams’ – or urban nightmares. From an essay by Maria X

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© Stanza 1986.

stanza ,  video art installation stanza ,  video art installation
Stanza Video installations 1987-1991 stanza ,  video art installation
stanza ,  video art installation stanza ,  video art installation
Stanza Video installations 1987-1991 Stanza at Goldsmiths Gallery 1987