Stanza, Steve Tanza, artwork Thin Air

Running Out Of Time. 2023

Two gold towers react to pollution data from 120 global cities. This artwork by Stanza is an eco visualisation that questions the reality of how we are polluting our cities and our environment. As we increasingly pollute the air with our behaviors, other systems and networks become evident. The artwork is based on global pollution data. One of a series of new artworks under the theme living landscapes.

What you experience. You see pulsating red LEDS switching on and off which are reacting to a generative system of global pollution data. Using a custom made API  that gathers data from 120 world cities collecting No2. The system is overseen by an AI which uses machine learning to detect patterns that are conveyed to the landscape. What you experience is a time based visual artwork which is 100cm by 120cm.

Available for exhibitions and touring. Set up time a few hours max.

Materials: Gold PCB, Custom PCB, LEDS, Fabrication , custom software.


Heinz Nixdorf Museum Germany (HNF) 2023

Deutsches Museum Nuremberg 2023




Stanza, Steve Tanza, artwork Thin Air
Stanza,  Steve Tanza
Stanza, Steve Tanza
Stanza, Steve Tanza