Stanza artwork. IOT internet of things artwork

The Nemesis Machine – Deus Ex Machina

This digital artwork poses some questions:- Will these technologies as the machine suggests control us, separate us, divide us, create more borders? How can new technologies imagine a world where we are liberated and empowered, where finally all of the technology becomes actually starts to work for us>

The Nemesis Machine has become a large installation which is adapted and customised to each place where it is displayed. It is now between 48 and 60 metres square. It uses more surveillance and embedded sensor technologies. It is shown here in WRO in Wroclaw Poland in a show called Megalopolis curated under Draft Systems. The Nemesis Machine is seen here on a large cross plinth and the computer parts grew up the pillars. It is available for touring and exhibitions.

  • The artwork operates within the themes of the urban landscape, surveillance culture, privacy and the connected cities.
  • Poses the question of who owns the data while speculating that virtual borders will soon create more systems of control.
  • The artworks represent the crossroads and ethical dilemma as machines and systems take over the world.
  • The wireless sensor network is set up to "visualize" the space all around us as 'worlds' full of data across the internet.
  • The artwork is a smart city a hybrid internet of things (IOT) installation and works with real time data.
  • It gives visitors a bird's eye view of a cybernetic cityscape, where skyscrapers are constructed of silicon and circuit boards.
  • The avatar city is not only controlled by the real city in terms of its function and operation, but also utterly dependent upon it for its existence.
  • The artwork is a mini, mechanical metropolis that monitors the behaviours, activities, and changing information, of the world around us using networked devices and electronically transmitted information across the internet.

The artwork visualises life in the city on the basis of real time data transmitted from a network of wireless sensors. The artwork you see is a city of electronic components that reflect in real time what is happening elsewhere. Small screens show pictures of the visitors so that they become part of the city.

The artwork reforms this information and data creating parallel realities. The work sits in the middle of concepts for smart cities, The Internet of Things( IOT) and the new technologies that monitors the real time environment. In appearance, the Nemesis Machine is like Big Brother parsed through the lens of the Internet of things.

The data and their interactions – that is, the events occurring in the environment that surrounds and envelops the installation – are translated into the force that brings the electronic city to life by causing movement and change; that is, new events and actions to occur. In this way the city performs itself, in real time, through its physical avatar or electronic double. The city we see performs itself through an-other city. Cause and effect become apparent in a discreet, intuitive manner. When certain events occur in the real city they cause certain other events to occur in its completely different, but seamlessly incorporated, double.

The artwork also focuses on how we consciously or unconsciously influence each other, and also the degree to which technology may in future take over control of our own bodies and our presence in the city. This is a city where there is no privacy.

WRO Art Centre Wroclaw Poland 2017

Touring. This artwork is available for exhibitions please get in touch.

The scale depends on the venue and it is variable to the newest and largest version 60 meters square. The plan for the next version include more screens and for it to grow up the walls.

Stanza art city  , data, real time, surveillance,sensors, IOT, internet of things.

Stanza, big data, IOT


The age of privacy is over. Imagine walking out the door, and knowing every single action, movement, sound, micro movement, pulse, and thread of information is being tracked, monitored, stored, analyzed, interpreted, and logged. The world we will live in seems to be a much bigger brother than the Orwellian vision, it is the mother of big brother. “What I’am doing, is that I’am hacking access to a network and re-appropriating the data and information, and I’am re-contextualizing it to give it a wider meaning. I want to show that you can do something positive with this data. And as I say data is the medium of the age. The real world is made virtual and then real again across the internet.”

Watch the video of previous install (note it is now much larger).

The Nemesis Machine – From Metropolis to Megalopolis to Ecumenopolis from Stanza on Vimeo.

The Nemesis Machine – From Metropolis to Megalopolis to Ecumenopolis. Hacking Habitat Version from Stanza on Vimeo.

Stanza,  CCTV artwork, big data

Stanza,  data artwork
Stanza, big data, IOT k
Stanza, big data, IOT
Stanza real time data installation Hacking Habitat
Stanza real time data installation Hacking Habitat
smart city a hybrid internet of things art
smart city a hybrid internet of things art
smart city a hybrid internet of things art
Stanza art city  , data, real time, surveillance,sensors, IOT, internet of things
Stanza art city  , data, real time, surveillance,sensors, IOT, internet of things


The exhibition is available for exhibition for touring. I would also like to make a much bigger version with new technology and more screens and projectors. If you can fund this it would be 60 square metres. It will also go up the walls and immerse the space

Technical Details

I have been researching wireless sensor networks, smart cities and the internet of things since 2004. I use motes sensors in a network and I have custom built software that gathers data and places the data online via a java proxy server. The data used to create the visualizations is also made available in an open source environment. Because the data is networked other online users can also re- interpret the data and interrogate the various sensors in the network (via xml streams online). The various sensors monitor temperature, sounds, noise, light, vibration, humidity, and GPS.

Underlying conceptual theme.

We understand the 20th century in terms of atoms, molecules and gases that move. Our world is now a world of numbers and changing data and information. This art installation manipulates these numbers and the data from the living real world; all of this affects the installation i.e. the artwork in the gallery space and all the changes occur in real time.

The real world is made virtual and the virtual is made real again and exposed in the process. This whole piece is a living and breathing artwork. The project focuses on the micro-incidents of change, the vibrations and sounds of the environment using wireless sensor based technologies.

Keywords: Online, netart, artwork, system, generative.




Stanza art city  , data, real time, surveillance,sensors, IOT, internet of things

Stanza art city  , data, real time, surveillance,sensors, IOT, internet of things

Mega-Lo-Polis” w Centrum Sztuki WRO.

Wystawa Mega-Lo-Polis jest częścią programu 17. Biennale Sztuki Mediów WRO 2017 Drafts Systems. Poza instalacją The Nemesis Machine prezentuje prace wideo wybranych artystów Biennale. The Nemesis Machine to instalacja przedstawiająca rozległe miasto zbudowane w całości z elektronicznych komponentów – zużytych części komputerowych. Specjalnie na Biennale WRO, podczas warsztatów z grupą roboczą, we Wrocławiu Stanza przygotował największą do tej pory wersję dzieła. Na podstawie danych przesyłanych z czujników instalacja wizualizuje w czasie rzeczywistym życie metropolii, rejestrując i wyświetlając obrazy odwiedzających, dzięki czemu stają się oni częścią tego wielkiego organizmu-miasta, jednocześnie podglądając i zamieszkując go. Instalacja, niczym Wielki Brat, pozwala spojrzeć z lotu ptaka w głąb cybernetycznego pejzażu, w którym drapacze chmur są zbudowane z płytek krzemowych, układów scalonych i kondensatorów, podejmując zagadnienia miasta jako złożonego, ciągle zmieniającego się systemu. Stanza jest uznanym brytyjskim artystą, którego prace, prezentowane na ponad stu wystawach na całym świecie, otrzymały dotychczas ponad 20 nagród i wyróżnień. W całej swojej karierze podejmuje zagadnienia krajobrazu miejskiego, kultury nadzoru, prywatności i wyobcowania.