Stanza Big Data visualisation

Infobesity: The Collective Conscious.

Infobesity refers to the overload of information in our daily lives. How do we see all the information and all the flowing fluid knowledge that is all around us? This data visualisation artwork is a poetic interpretation of a very large data set made using custom computer code. The final artwork is experienced as a software system that can been seen online through a browser. Data has become the medium of the age, and it can offer insight into the way our world is given shape and meaning. The data artwork becomes a new map of knowledge, a collective consciousness.

What we see and experiece in this artwork are the paths travelled by all the books taken out of Milton Keynes library in England over the last five yearsb(2010-2015). There are 160,000 books in the data visualization system. In appearance the artwork is a 3d space, a hybrid conscious brain or map of the movements of the books to their destination. The books travel down roads and paths from the library at the centre, to roundabouts, to peoples houses. The books are shown travelling to the postcode destination. This massive data visualization moves organically orbiting around the library at the center of activity. It's a hub of knowledge spreading through the town creating a new world a new collaborative social space.


Milton Keynes Libraries as part of The Digitalis Programme. 2015
MozEx: Curated by the digital learning team at the Tate. 2016
MozEx: V&A. 2016
Nesta AI and Creativity Futures London UK 2017
Festival of Speed Future Lab as part of The Emergent City Uk2019

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Exhibition. Available for touring and exhibitions. Best shown on large projector.

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Stanza Big Data visualisation

Stanza Big Data visualisation

Stanza Big Data visualisation



Stanza, Steve Tanza