The science of micro changes as a biological generative art system by Stanza. There are six different artworks, they all work online within a browser, shockwave needed. Made in 2001. There is a video example of one of them above. They are also available for exhibition as a complete suite of software for PC platform.

Availability. Each is unique signed artwork computer codes and files.


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Awards and Exhibitions for Genomixer RNA

Won first  prize at Art in Motion (AIM V: SYZYGY the human remix) exhibition, at the Armory Center for the Arts in Pasadena, California. USA.
Exhibited at and gets an honary mention at Videoformes France.
Exhibited at Fififestival where Stanza won first prize for ccityv. France
Exhibited at SIGGRAPH 2004 Electronic Art Exhibition in USA.
Exhibited in Los Angeles in March 2003 Part of solo show. USA
Genomixer exhibited at Ciberat Bilbao (www.ciberart-bilbao.net). Spain
Amsterdam 2003 "Test Portal". all projected on to 100 ft screens.  Netherlands
Exhibited at the Digital Hub in July 2003. Ireland
Featured on BBC radio 3 and played in introduction in talk about art and science.UK
Samsung Media Centre Senef Korea 2005
Jerwood Space, Cut and Splice. London UK 2005
Folly. Soundtoys Solo Show. Lancaster. UK 2005 .