Title. The Expressionicity Series. Lyrical Abstraction In The Age Of The Pixel. [ Stanzas 1 - 10 ] . Enter Artwork

Aesthetic code based generative artwork series by Stanza. The artworks are made with custom made code exploring processed events and the variations are what you see and experience. You need the shockwave plug-in installed to view the artwork. To experience the work better click the mouse within the work to the generative work progress. Each work is accompanied with sound also produced by Stanza. Each artwork will randomly change after five minutes if you haven't selected the next artwork. There are ten artworks in The Expresionicity series.

TECHNICAL You need shockwave installed to view online

AVAILABLE. Each is available as unique signed artwork, consisting of disk and computer files.

KEYWORDS : Online, code, net art, artwork, system, real time, generative

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