Artwork by Stanza,

Title. Actions and Consequences In A Minor System. Stanza [NO 1-20]. Made in 2007

This artwork series creates generative paintings actioned by the interpretation of computer code. Small scale events and objects have affects within the system. Influenced by random paths and viral behaviours. These algorithmically made artworks have their own life as artificial agents. There are 20 artwork in this series, built into the custom made software system that is available for exhibition. They can be exhibited as a series of projections or you can exhibit them with touch screen systems to create an interactive experience. This custom made software makes millions of generating forms.

Availability. As signed software suite which contains all the 20 artworks built in. Computer code based generative artwork series by Stanza.

They are all available as hi def ie the screen resolution is 1920 by 1080. The software is available for exhbitions.

View selection of videos from this software series. The artwork in the series can no longer be experienced online.




© Stanza