Stanza webcam artwork 2001. Surveillance based artwork.

Title. Panoptic World. Countdown to a World Of Total Surveillance. 2001. Enter online artwork- Live Now.

This is an online digital artwork taking real time images of from over five hundred webcams around the world. It takes a few seconds to start pulling live networked feeds. This artwork has been online and working since September 9th 2001 where I showed this as part of a group event called A Fair Place Turkey 2001. UPDATE 2008: I didnt expect this artwork to work for very long as it was a test piece about networking devices online, however I just left it on my website and it still works. Some of the cameras have been working and streaming images for over seven years. Made using custom software without the need for a proxy server, this technique just grabs feeds in real time.

Update.2.2.2019. Seems like it still works. Although some mof thje cameras in the system have old images and lots have been taken down. But the system still functions.

The artwork was about networked connectivity but its reliance on technology as time passes allows this artwork to actually reflect outside the moment and into the redundancy of these networked devices and cultures.


The artwork is available as custom made software system and computer files. To be exhibited on LCD screens. This artwork needs an internet connection.

Panoptic World. 2001. from Stanza on Vimeo.

Stanza webcam artwork 2001. Surveillance artwork.

Keywords: Online, time, surveillance, control, net art, artwork, system, real time, webcam and CCTV.