FORGIVE US OUR TRESSPASSES by stanza....2006. An artwork based on live news .




Artwork 2006 (Now offline 2013).

This artworks reconfigures live news into an assemblage of blurred visuals. Each image is barely recognizable. The news is gathered across networks, brought in real time packets to the the screen for your experience. As an artwork, this work is dynamic, always changing and as the news changes so do the end result and the experience. This artwork is a real time audio visualization of the news.


This can be exhibited at art galleries as an installation. The installation version requires the use of three large plasma screens, to be shown as a triptych.

Terms and Keywords

News: Any new information or current events. News is often reported by a variety of sources, such as newspapers, television and radio programs, wire services, and web sites.

Mashup: (web application hybrid), a website or web application that combines content from more than one source.

Network: (1) a system or group of interconnected elements; (2) a set of nodes, points, or locations connected by means of data, voice, and video communications for the purpose of exchange.

Net art: art projects for which the (Internet) is both a sufficient and necessary condition of viewing/expressing/participating. Real time history painting.

Generative. evolving continuous system of data.