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Art Practice in a Digital Culture Edited by Hazel Gardiner, Edited by Charlie Gere.
There are a series of my images and Janis Jefferies has referred to a number of artworks.

Research as art, Charlie Gere; Triangulating artworlds: gallery, new media and academy, Stephen Scrivener and Wayne Clements; The artist as researcher in a computer-mediated culture, Janis Jefferies; A conversation about models and prototypes.

Much as art history is in the process of being transformed by new information communication technologies, often in ways that are either disavowed or resisted, art practice is also being changed by those same technologies. One of the most obvious symptoms of this change is the increasing numbers of artists working in universities, and having their work facilitated and supported by the funding and infrastructural resources that such institutions offer. This new paradigm of art as research is likely to have a profound effect on how we understand the role of the artist and of art practice in society.

In this unique book, artists, art historians, art theorists and curators of new media reflect on the idea of art as research and how it has changed practice. Intrinsic to the volume is an investigation of the advances in creative practice made possible via artists engaging directly with technology or via collaborative partnerships between practitioners and technological experts, ranging through a broad spectrum of advanced methods from robotics through rapid prototyping to the biological sciences.

Front cover shows Stanza images Public Domain.2008


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