Stanza data sculpture artwork.

The Reader.

The Reader is large six foot data visualization sculpture of the artist Stanza wearing a hoodie reading a book. The sculpture becomes a pulsing algorithmic heartbeat of living data. It is made with custom made digital software and hardware generating live events inside the sculpture.The Reader is a machine for the systems age. Data is taking over our bodies and making its very own nervous system. The artwork uses open data and new technologies to question audiences’ experiences of real-time events. We live in a world of infobesity, we are bombarded with information that is made malleable inside the artwork, it is shaped to give it meaning. The data body acts to reposition a future view of ourselves when embedded technologies will become part of our everyday lives. The artwork explores new ways of thinking about life, the emergence and interaction within public space. What will happen in the future when embedded chips in our bodies have access to the worlds information data and knowledge? Who will have access to this and how wil you know who does?



This interactive system is based on a 3d scan of the artist's body. After scanning the artist's body the file was modeled into the shapes that are cut. The whole construction is then assembled like a jig saw. Over one hundred micro display screens show data pulsing through the body. The artwork took over one year to design and make.

Adaptations: The sculpture (V1) is reading all the books published since 1952 from and open source data set via British Library. The Reader software system can be adapted and customised to read stock exchange data, dna data, live news feeds, and twitter feeds.


The sculpture can be adapted to each venue it is sited in. In EMAF (European Media Art Festival) and FACT (Foundation for Art and Creative Technology) it is reading all the books published since 1952 and acts as a focal point for reading and public engagement.


Available for touring and for exhibitions. If you would like to exhibit this artwork let me know.


Spectre Festival UK Aberdeen 2018
Bury Art Museum. UK October 2017
FACT Foundation for Art and Creative Technology Liverpool. UK June 2017
EMAF European Media Art Festival Osnabruck Germany. April 2017
Kinetica Art Fair London. UK 2017
NTTA Update New Technological Art Award Gent. Belgium 2016
Milton Keynes Library. UK 2015

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Stanza data sculpture artwork. Art and culture.


The artwork consists of:- 100 led matrix displays and custom designed and manufactured PCB boards, custom made cables, custom made and modeled perspex body, base box and laser cut metal plate, arduinos PCB boards, power sockets and custom power box.

Commission: The original commission was to use the real time library data and to log each book taken out of the library via a newly created API and read these books as they get taken out. In the end they wouldn't agree to the live data feed and the The sculpture (V1) is reading all the books published since 1952 from and open source data set via British Library.


Reading is a complex cognitive process of decoding symbols in order to construct or derive meaning. It is a means of language acquisition, of communication, and of sharing information and ideas. Reading requires creativity and critical analysis. Readers use a variety of reading strategies to assist with decoding (to translate symbols into sounds or visual representations of speech) and comprehension. Readers may use context clues to identify the meaning of unknown words. Readers integrate the words they have read into their existing framework of knowledge or schema (schemata theory). Other types of reading are not speech based writing systems, such as music notation or pictograms. The common link is the interpretation of symbols to extract the meaning from the visual notations or tactile signals (as with Braille). Source

The Future Body
"The only future I can see," says the cybernetics professor Kevin Warwick at the University of Reading, England, "is one where there are perhaps humans as we know them today, but we also have the cyborg entity — the part human, part machine, with all different varieties."

Stanza data sculpture artwork.
Stanza data visualisation sculpture artwork.
data, visualisation, sculpture, artwork.
Stanza data sculpture artwork.
Stanza data sculpture artwork.
Stanza data sculpture artwork.

Stanza The Reader artwork data visualisation

Stanza The Reader artwork data visualisation

Stanza The Reader artwork ,data visualisation

Stanza The Reader artwork data visualisation

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Commissioned by Milton Keynes Libraries and funded by Arts Council England as part of The Digitalis Programme.